Buggybox – a product that stole not only the hearts of the Rema Days 2019 participants!

//Buggybox – a product that stole not only the hearts of the Rema Days 2019 participants!

Buggybox – a product that stole not only the hearts of the Rema Days 2019 participants!

It is hard to find a better place for the premiere of a promotional gadget than the largest international advertising and printing fair in Central and Eastern Europe – Rema Days Warsaw. For years, attracting tens of thousands of people, are a great place to gain valuable business contacts, but not only. Exactly there the whole world of advertising and marketing, as well as people who follow the latest trends in the industry, had the opportunity to see something that has never been seen before. A product that was supposed to revolutionize the process of participation in the fair, as well as the way of promoting the exhibitors themselves. Long months of preparation for this event, finally brought the answer to the question whether the expo trolley will find its place on the market?

From idea to success – not a short story

The origins of the buggybox advertising trolley, should be looked for in the experience of its creators. The long-term presence in the advertising materials industry and the innumerable number of visited trade fairs has given birth to an idea that banality has embarrassed the largest specialists in the field of promotion. It began with the concept of a paper trolley, created like a suitcase with the possibility of branding its entire surface. The trolley had to fulfill two basic functions: visitors to facilitate the collection of materials at the fair, and the exhibitors give an unprecedented form of promotion – in the form of a mobile advertisement of his company. From a simple idea, after many endurance tests, subsequent improvements, the buggybox was presented at the RemaDays to a wider audience. And as expected, this inconspicuous but extremely functional gadget was received with great enthusiasm and admiration for its simplicity and practicality.

A small stand with a lot of potential

The RemaDays Warsaw fair is very popular, both among exhibitors and visitors. Two huge halls contain hundreds of smaller or larger stands, with thousands of people passing through it daily. You cannot hide that you need to take care of even the smallest details to attract interested just to yourself. Unless you see a product that will be visible everywhere – even outside your own stand. The buggybox had such an advantage. The first curious people appeared already in the first hours of the start of the fair, and with them the first buggybox expo box set off in a three-day, long-haul route around two large halls. The colorful coloring of the trolley attracted the sight of the visitors, and more intrigued persons appeared at the stand. The next hours and days of the fair are countless interesting conversations, questions, words of appreciation and hundreds of prizes handed out, which were hard to miss in the exhibition space. All this confirmed the originators in the belief that the buggybox was a “hit the jackpot”.

Competitions, distinctions and prizes

The curiosity that the buggybox aroused also translated into the first prizes. The paper trolley for the fair, received a distinction in two categories. The first of them in the category “Promotional products”, which is awarded by advertising agencies and distributors through online voting just before the fair. Another, equally valuable was the distinction in the “Top Idea” category, which the buggybox obtained thanks to votes cast by the visitors of RemaDays Warsaw. It is worth noting that this distinction, according to the principle, is given to suppliers who will present a gadget thought out and surprising in terms of usability. What in the opinion of the creators of the buggybox was in a way the culmination of the work, but above all the desire to further develop this product.

What next after the fair?
The unquestionable success of the buggybox at the fair has spread widely in the environment related to advertising and marketing. Which, in turn, translated into some interesting implementations after RemaDays Warsaw. In addition, the growing interest, also among foreign contractors, confirms our belief that the history of the buggybox advertising paper suitcase is just beginning.