Innovative buggybox expo trolley

//Innovative buggybox expo trolley

The value of trade fairs for business success
In the era of high competitiveness in every sector of the modern economy, details are able to decide about decisions made by customers.
Entrepreneurs who acquire customers and establish new business contacts through participation in fairs, know how many factors are important for their exhibition success.
A well-prepared stand must be not only visually appealing, but above all be based on the human factor, that is the competences and interpersonal skills of employees.
If we are able to attract the attention of a potential customer, arouse his interest, it is easier for us to go for business talks.

Innovative buggybox expo trolley
In the process of acquiring a client it is worth to bet on factors that go beyond the standard procedures. The experience of participating in the trade fair after both the exhibitor and the contractor prompted us to launch a solution that generates a new quality at the stand through its simplicity and functionality.
What is the common ill of visitors to the fair? Hands overloaded with advertising materials from dozens of stands!
How to solve this problem simply and effectively? Offering paper trolleys that will facilitate moving around the exhibition space.
Imagine that instead of many bags and bags, all the folders and gadgets are packed into a specially prepared expo trolley for distribution.
As a standard, when you visit a company’s X, Y or Z position, in order to get acquainted with the offer, talks with a sales representative and download the catalog, after a few such activities, companies start to merge into one.
And what if the company X provides you with a comparable service level to others, but at some point you will be given a paper trolley?
We have often seen this feeling of surprise on our clients’ faces, mixed with enthusiasm and gratitude. After all, instead of another branded pens and notebooks, someone has expobox for their customers!

Strength lies in simplicity
Buggybox is a paper trolley with advertising printing, made of thick cardboard, whose structure is reinforced with wheels and plastic stands. The spacious and mobile paper trolley is easy to use with an ergonomic handle, and you can freely store further advertising materials and move around the event object comfortably.
The paper expo box trolley we offer is lightweight and durable. It has dimensions that allow you to pack catalogs in A4 format flat and payload 12 kilograms. In addition, the handle has a wide load, and the upper flap is easy to open at any time to repack or organize materials.
Paper expo trolley is a product that provides benefits for all parties: the exhibitor has a tool to stand out from the competition, the client receives a gadget, which is a functional tool that helps to overcome the kilometers of the exhibition hall.

buggybox – a new dimension of advertising in the exhibition space
The buggybox expo trolley  has a huge advertising space, and through the use of 360 ° imprint it will provide an excellent logo or graphic display. Only the imagination limits the way the printed surface is used and makes the buggybox a striking advertising trolley.
An additional advantage of the buggybox is the image-related benefits of having this gadget on offer. This innovative gadget changes the quality of participation in fairs and ensures positive reception of customers and attracts the attention of outsiders.
We offer design assistance so that the customer can achieve maximum benefits and properly display his logo and elements relevant to his brand.

Why buggybox?
Expo trolleys, colloquially called expobox, is a product belonging to premium class gadgets. Under various forms, they can be found at large fairs, where, during several days of events, they are used as exhibition trolleys for distribution of materials from stands.
What is the advantage of the buggybox over other expo boxes?
First of all, the buggybox provides an unprecedented opportunity to print the entire surface and transform the ordinary paper trolley into a expo box trolley with advertising overprint.
In addition, the buggybox is manufactured in Poland, so the date of the order and the production process are subject to direct control, which allows quick response to customer needs and facilitates logistics.

buggybox was created for companies that want to stand out from the competition, knowing that small differences determine the decisions made by customers.

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